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Green Motion’s Affiliate program has been designed to deliver a real low-cost alternative that delivers on its promise to introduce better business for independent rental operators.

As a Green Motion Affiliate, you will have access to a unique and innovative range of support services backed by a world-leading brand with decades of experience and is present in 50 markets across the globe. In addition, you will benefit from being connected to the largest selection of online brokers, OTAs and bricks & mortar travel agencies.

Industry-leading benefits and support

There has never been a better time for your business to focus on better business. As a Green Motion Affiliate, while maintaining your local brand and presence, you will benefit from partnering with a truly international brand that is able to guide and direct your business to grow and prosper.

Our award-winning company gives you access to a range of tools and expertise that is unrivalled within our sector.

A brand to be proud of

Green Motion has developed a unique and dynamic brand identity which has positioned the company amongst the very best at the forefront of the global rental industry.

As a Green Motion Affiliate you will be able to utilize our full brand library, transforming your rental operation, providing a distinctive business proposition to leisure and corporate customers. 

Simply better connected

With customers acquisition of car rental now heavily shifting online, it is critical for the progression and success of any car rental operator to have the strongest online presence possible.

As a Green Motion Affiliate not only will you enjoy an unrivalled level of direct-to-brand business through Green Motion’s own website and app channels, but also connection to over 50 global car rental brokers and OTAs. In addition, thanks to our GDS connections with the likes of Sabre and Travelport, your rental business will be promoted with over 500,000 independent travel agencies around the world.

With Green Motion, you will have the ability to compete and win.

Training and development

Training is at the forefront of Green Motion’s affiliate program. Affiliates enjoy a full range of training services that have been developed to meet the varying requirements of today’s business market.

As a Green Motion affiliate, you will have access to an extensive range of training services, both physical and virtual, allowing you to truly benefit from our wealth of expertise.

  • Operational
  • Customer service
  • Environmental
  • Location systems
  • Web and pricing systems
  • Pre-launch
  • Branch marketing
  • Sales
  • Business development
  • Fleet
  • Insurance
  • Security

Develop new services and go contactless

Being part of the Green Motion family gives your business access to our revolutionary new contactless rental service, Drive & Go

Drive & Go allows customers to bypass the pain points of traditional car rental and enjoy the full rental experience without any unnecessary human interaction – true contactless car rental.

After downloading the Green Motion app, customers can place a booking and go through the one-time verification process, and use their phone as a key to gain access to their rental vehicles. On arrival at the destination, the app advises the customer of the location of the vehicle. Once they arrive at the vehicle, they are able to simply open the vehicle with one press of the app. Following a vehicle inspection (self-check), the customer can then disarm the immobilizer and simply 'drive and go'. The procedure is repeated when returning the vehicle where the customer is requested to do a self-check-in process, following which they can close the reservation and lock the car.

  • One-time registration and verification
  • Skip the queue
  • Phone as key
  • Inspect and go

What about IT & booking systems?

State-of-the-art systems

As a Green Motion Affiliate, you will have the option of utilizing our global front-counter car rental system which is regarded as one of the very best within the sector, and offers a real and fresh alternative to some of the legacy systems available.

Our front counter system is fully integrated in real time with our pricing and yield management system, along with our direct to brand channels including our industry-leading app. 

What happens if we need help?

Supporting you all the way

As a Green Motion Affiliate, you will be supported all the way by our highly experienced Operational team that are focused on working with you to increase the operational performance of your business, increase your revenues, and expand your business into new areas.

Our team are on hand to provide the necessary guidance to ensure that you lead within your given market. 

How do I apply?

Find out more about joining us today

To continue on your journey of evaluating the benefits of becoming a Green Motion Affiliate owner and operator, we would ask you to click on the button below and complete the relevant application form.

Once we have received your application, this will be processed and following a successful review a member of the team will be in touch to provide further information on this exciting opportunity.