Green Motion and the environment

Green Motion Vehicle Rental recognizes that the day-to-day business operations have an impact on the environment, both directly and indirectly. It is our objective to protect and improve the environment through good management and by adopting best practice wherever possible.

Environmental policy

Green Motion USA is focused on including environmental policy's in all accepts of our business decisions. We actively seek and adopt green alternatives, where possible, throughout all of our American and global franchised rental branches. 

As well as providing customers with a green car hire service, we have also concentrated our efforts to ensure that our main business activities have the smallest possible impact on our environment. 

In every area of our business we seek to:

  • Wholly comply with all applicable codes of practice, legal requirements and regulations
  • Minimise our energy and water usage
  • Restrict pollution to air, land and water
  • Reduce our waste and instead recycle within the structure of our waste management procedures
  • Employ sustainable and environmentally friendly products / materials 
  • Actively promote recyling, the use of sustainable materials and responsible purchasing
  • Engage our customers, partners and suppliers with our environmentally friendly ethos

So, how are we doing?

As well as supporting a low to zero vehicle rental fleet, all of our USA and global operations have adopted and actively promote our green principles. 

Power Generation

Where appropriate, Green Motion USA's locations have installed a power generation. These generation's are either supported by solar power or wind turbine technologies. We assess each Green Motion USA rental location prior to its opening to understand and ascertain the most efficient way for the location to provide heat and electricity. 

Power Supply

On occasion, it may be necessary for Green Motion USA's branches to receive their power (or heating) supply from the national grid however it is still mandatory for these location's to select suppliers who possess green credentials.  


Every Green Motion USA location employs low energy lighting units / bulbs. We also encourage locations to install passive sensors which turn lights on and off when a particular area is or is not in use. 

Shop-fitting Materials

All materials utilised, where possible, are sourced from environmentally friendly / sustainable suppliers, ensuring that the materials we employ or either recycled and / or sustainable. 


Sustainable / recycled flooring is installed within each Green Motion USA vehicle rental location. 

Paper Use

While we accept that the use of paper may be necessary to ensure that all of our location's are able to manage their businesses efficiently, each Green Motion USA location is encouraged, where possible, to have a paperless environment. 


Our locations utilise recycled materials and stationary; this is extended to all paper items such as photocopy paper and envelopes. 


Green Motion USA's branches feature environmentally friendly / recycled toiletries and sanitary items; this includes toilet paper and antibacterial hand wash.

Customer Waste

All location's provide their customers with a trash collection bag (contained within all rental cars and vans). Customers are encouraged to recycle their trash or hand the trash bag back to the rental branch at the end of their hire for the location to recycle.  

Recycle Zones

All of our locations feature a recycle zone, promoting recycling best practice not only with our staff but also with our customers. 

Vehicle Valeting

Each of our locations are focused on reducing their water consumption by the use of innovative valeting technologies including steam cleaning, water capture & recycling and waterless cleaning processes. In addition, they also employ environmentally friendly / bio-degradable chemicals meaning that all of the products we use are safe for our planet. 

All Green Motion USA franchisee's are responsible to work within the objectives contained within our environmental policy. 

As we are constantly striving to develop and improve our environmental principles, we welcome any input or suggestions that you may have within any area of our business. If you would like to make any suggestions or if you would like to find out more about Green Motion USA's commitment to the environment, please call us on +44 2071864000 or alternatively you can email us at