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92% of the world's population are living areas where the air is polluted

Going green costs less

​A study has shown that purchasing and running low emission vehicles are some of the cheapest options when operating and maintenance costs are considered.

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Ford host their 2017 Fleet Preview.

​Ford Motor Company have revealed their 2017 model-year fleet at an event held in Cobo Centre, Detroit recently. Their fleet preview showed new models, such as the new Fusion, Mustang, Super Duty, Police Interceptor Utility, and the Lincoln Navigator.

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Green Motion is a proud sponsor of the Auto Rental Summit 2016
Meet the team at The National Franchise Exhibition 2016 - NEC, Birmingham, UK.
Green Motion USA has made the news

Green Motion USA has made the news

​Ahead of the Auto Rental Summit in Orlando on the 24th - 25th of October, our CEO, Richard Lowden, has been explaining to Auto Rental what makes Green Motion stand out from the rest.

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California has extended climate change law
​San Diego’s KAABOO is next starting next weekend!
The US government continues to back EV growth
​The UK airline, British Airways, have apologized to passengers for IT malfunction
The US and China will endorse the Paris Climate Change Agreement
China is the biggest culprit of global fossil fuel subsidies
7.2% increase of fatal deaths due to vehicle accidents in 2015