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San Diego City Council have approved a $3 billion plan to recycle the city’s wastewater into drinking water
​President Obama’s Clean Power Plan will face its first test in a US federal court
Going electric isn’t enough according to BMW's CEO, Harald Krueger
​The leaders of the US environmental services sector are AECOM, CH2M, ERM, Ramboll Environ and Tetra Tech
Transatlantic flying has seen a reduction during the 3rd quarter of this year
​Green Motion will be exhibiting at the Auto Rental Summit in Florida, October 24th - 24th, 2016
​The US Senator, Marco Rubio refused to discuss climate change in a debate earlier this week
​The global deal to limit the employment of hydrofluorocarbons was announced on Saturday
​Chevy announced that their Bolt EV vehicles have been given a rating of 238 miles of range by the EPA
OPEC reaches deal to limit oil production
It is becoming increasingly likely that Hurricane Matthew will come close to Florida
Tesla have announced their third quarter vehicle delivery numbers

Southern California suffers from Quake Swarms

​For over a week now Southern California has been subjected to a higher than usual amount of Seismic activity. It has caused fears that a big Earthquake could happen along the San Andreas fault in the near future.

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​Green Motion International confirms sponsorship and participation in the 2016 GreenFleet Awards