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A power cut at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport has affected tens of thousands of people
The plastic problem

The plastic problem

It has been calculated that the total volume of plastic ever produced is at 8.3bn tonnes, with 6.3bn tonnes now being waste and 79% in landfills or the natural environment.

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​London's hybrid TX taxi is now fully certified to transport passengers
Green Motion CEO receives top accolade at GreenFleet Awards
Green Motion San Diego celebrates their success

Green Motion San Diego celebrates their success

Richard Lowden, Green Motion's Founder and CEO said, "I was really pleased Green Motion San Diego achieved so many accolades for their dedication and commitment in making their Green Motion franchise successful."

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Green Motion are the headline sponsors at the GreenFleet Awards 2017
Green Motion has been awarded the 2017 Green Apple Award
GreenFleet have confirmed Green Motion International has been shortlisted for their 2017 'Car Rental Company of the Year' award
Green Motion celebrates its 10 year anniversary
Green Motion exhibits at the 2017 World Travel Market
Green Motion commemorate's its award winning franchisees
Green Motion holds its 2017 international conference in its home town
Richard Lowden presents at CarTrawler's 2017 Winter Conference
London introduces new £10 T-Charge

London introduces new £10 T-Charge

​A new £10 T-Charge has come into force in London for vehicles that do not pass the EURO IV Exhaust Standard, which predominantly effects diesel and petrol vehicles made before 2006.

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Tesla shares fell from record highs after advised that the electric car maker may take longer to become profitable
The team at Green Motion Mexico coordinates aid for the earthquake disaster
C​hina is joining force with the UK, Norway and France in banning vehicles powered by fossil fuels
​Hurricane Irma has been blasting up the west coast of Florida
President Donald Trump has declared a state of emergency in Florida, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands as Hurricane Irma approaches
Features of the self-driving electric vehicle Daimler plan to reveal at the Frankfurt Motor Show (14th – 24th September)
The challenges of driverless vehicles
Can Apple catch-up with its self-driving technology?
Volkswagen to produce the I.D. Buzz - a fully electric cargo van
What will San Diegans see on the day of the solar eclipse?
​Melbourne in Australia has been named the world’s more liveable city for the 7th year in a row
Hyundai to release 31 eco-friendly models by 2020

Record-breaking tourism for Florida

​During the first half of 2017 Florida has enjoyed sensational growth in its tourist industry. The last six month period has produced a record breaking success, with 60.7 million tourists visiting Florida. This follows another record breaking year for the state in 2016, when an estimated 112 million visitors travelled to Florida.

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If warming trends continue, more people are projected to suffer from sun strokes
2015 and 2016 reached record high global temperatures
New distance record for EV's achieved
Is the Paris Climate Agreement scientifically achievable?
The road to a promised land of zero emission vehicles has several bumps to overcome
​A new study has estimated that climate change, if not addressed, can be expected to cause around 260,000 deaths in the year 2100
Trump's administration plan to roll back on environmental regulations
Lawsuit filed to force US Environmental Protection Agency to reverse the decision to postpone issuing smog clean-up rules
​The first in-car measurements taken of exposure to pollutants during rush-hour traffic commutes has worrying results
Vacationing off the beaten path

Vacationing off the beaten path

The growth in the ‘off the beaten path’ tourism is positively contributing towards the economic development in many of the less conventional vacation countries.

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The US Transportation Security Administration are lifting the ban on passengers carrying large electronics on Saudi Arabian Airlines
​Modern diesel vehicles emit less pollution than cars that run on gasoline
Japan concerned with disappearing coasts due to climate change
​Volkswagen has set itself the target to sell 1 million electric cars annually by 2025
The G20 countries leave door ajar for the US to return to the Paris Agreement
France’s Minister of Ecological and Solidary Transition announced the government intends to ban all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040
UK Music Tourism Industry Hits Record High
Volvo announced all new models will have an electric motor by 2019
​Tesla have revealed they will deliver 30 Model 3’s on the 28th of July
​New criteria for visa applicants has been set by the Trump administration
Cornell University have found that labels matter when it comes to the acceptance of climate science
​A company is developing special lanes which will be used purely for self-driving vehicles
The UK's Parliament featured additional backing for the EV sector
While the quality of air in California is improving, it is still poor
According to the postdoctoral researcher, Roy Posmanik, food waste should have a high value as food waste is still carbon
San Diego hope to meet Paris Climate Change goals, despite US withdrawal
​Waymo, Google’s sister company, is returning its Firefly self-driving fleet
The Future Bus - Mercedes Benz’s semi-autonomous bus
A study led by the University of Exeter, has looked at the true impact air pollutants have in China
Tesla give shareholders preview of their forthcoming small SUV - the Model Y – as well as a nameless electric truck
President Trump, according to the US ambassador to the United Nations, does believe in climate change
Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris are using a robotic car parking system
It's World Environmental Day, how can you make small changes to help our environment?
In the long-term, leaving the Paris Climate Agreement could have detrimental effects on the US economy
Extensive international criticism of President Trump’s announcement that the US will be withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement
​British Airway's passengers are facing a 3rd day of disruptions at London’s Heathrow Airport
Waymo and Lyft forge new partnership to work on self-driving vehicles
Considering going fully electric? These are a number of EV's hitting the market by 2020
Research presented at the ATS International Conference indicates air pollution affects sleep quality
Pringles tubes and Lucozade Sport bottles are the villains of the recycling world
Officials decide not to implement electronics ban on flights from Europe
The strategic placing of low hedges could reduce air pollution in urban areas
Emirates criticize the President's restrictions on US flights as destabilizing for travel
Companies betting on autonomous vehicles, but will the market follow?
Uber expanding their Advanced Technology Group to Toronto
India has quadrupled its solar capacity - bringing electricity to millions of households
Green Motion continues its expansion with a new location at Ljubljana Airport in Slovenia
​What are the best countries for green living?
Tesla expecting to launch the Model Y by 2020
Green Motion arrives in 30 countries
Could caterpillars be a key to tackling plastic pollution?
A super bloom of wildflowers has erupted in Southern California
Uber plan to unveil their Uber Elevate in 2020
Tesla voluntarily recalls 53,000 vehicles due to a faulty braking system
40 million people in the UK are living in areas of illegal levels of air pollution
​How will the EV and autonomous vehicle revolution affect society?
Travellers to the US may be susceptible to new vetting policy
Will reducing our emissions have a positive or negative impact on the economy?
Car manufacturers claiming new diesel vehicles will help to improve air quality
A driverless prototype introduced to London

Digital Driving Licenses could be available by 2018

​With so many technical advances in the automotive industry it seems that the DVLA are eager to keep up with the times. Although they have stressed that this will not replace the current plastic licences, they have announced that they will be piloting a scheme throughout 2017 which will allow drivers to access their licence through their phones.

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​A commercial plane almost collided with a drone at 10,000 ft
Those who oppose President Trumps ruling on ending climate change will organise a public campaign
Today is the last day of the International Car Rental Show, Bally's, Las Vegas
Uber has restarted its self-driving pilot program after Friday's crash
An electric-powered flight from London to Paris within 10 years
The US and UK announce cabin baggage ban for laptops and other tablets
Green Motion Car Hire to open soon in Slovenia
​Temperature data collected for 2016 shows it was the world’s warmest year
Green Motion Car Hire is exhibiting at the 2017 International Car Rental Show in Las Vegas

Best airports in the world

More than 14 million passengers were surveyed to determine the top airports around the world. Over 550 airports were included in the survey and were judged on 39 service and performance indicators, such as facility comfort and the language skills of the service staff.

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Best Countries for Green Living

​The top 5 countries for Green Living have been announced by US News. Green Living being described as countries that offer a healthy body and environment. And the winner is...

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Vegetable Oil Bio-fuels to be phased out by 2020

The Environment Committee of the European Parliament today announced that they would be encouraging the European Commission to phase out vegetable oil bio-fuels by 2020. It is now understood that the use of vegetable oils is causing a rapid increase in deforestation and peatland drainage. It is hoped that current incentives to use these kinds of bio-fuels will be stopped.

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Malta's Azure Window has collapsed

​Malta's famous rock formation, Azure Window, has collapsed into the sea after a spate of heavy storms. Azure Window had appeared in many films and TV series, including Game of Thrones. Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, has said that the news is "heartbreaking".

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USA and China leading the way with Solar Power

The year 2016 saw the amount of solar power added soar to 50%, largely due to the sun rush seen in the USA and China. Whilst, the UK are still leading the way in Europe, despite a decrease in installations after the UK Government cut subsidies.

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San Diego Airport earns LEED Gold certification

San Diego Airport earns LEED Gold certification

​San Diego International Airport has been awarded Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification for its consolidated Rental Car Center from the U.S. Green Building Council . LEED certification is considered the industry standard in defining and measuring “green,” sustainable construction.

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Record-breaking volume of rain to hit San Diego
Google accusing Uber of stealing their self-driving technology
China cutting steel production
Mexico has, again, been named the world's most traffic congested city
​Germany is going to sail the Polarstern to drift to the North Pole
Weather warnings issued as winter storm moves to San Diego
Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are the most toxic nations on Earth
General Motors in talks to sell Opel
China avoids drinking water which contacts with the air
California water regulators extending water conservation measures
​The travel industry is anticipating trends by focusing on the millennials travel habits
​In January the US added 227,000 new jobs
Toyota and Suzuki to forge a mutually beneficial partnership
​The local group, Circulate San Diego, are pushing for improvement of San Diego's
The goundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, has predicted 6 more weeks of winter
Companies around the world are competing to be the first to develop a flying car
​What’s stopping more people from purchasing electric cars?
California regulators not yet ready to lift water conservation measures
Uber’s futuristic Ford Fusions reappearing on San Francisco streets
San Diego faces series of strong and dangerous storms
The BMW 4 Series has been revised for 2017
Amazon is working on self-driving cars according to its patent
The president of China states that the world must permit the Paris climate deal to continue
Tesla owners able to speed on autopilot following an update of software
What does the future look like with autonomous cars?
Protests in Mexico spread following a price increase of gas
Google decreasing the price of autonomous vehicles
Greenpeace report criticises Amazon's carbon footprint
Apple named the most environmentally friendly tech company by Greenpeace
Volkswagen Group of America recalling vehicles over antilock brake system issues
California lawmakers to strengthen their self-driving laws after stand-off with Uber
Faraday Future reveal their self-driving electric car
Tesla announce their fourth and last quarter of 2016 vehicle deliveries
Ford has cancelled plans to build a factory in Mexico