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Those who oppose President Trumps ruling on ending climate change will organise a public campaign
Today is the last day of the International Car Rental Show, Bally's, Las Vegas
Uber has restarted its self-driving pilot program after Friday's crash
An electric-powered flight from London to Paris within 10 years
The US and UK announce cabin baggage ban for laptops and other tablets
Green Motion Car Hire to open soon in Slovenia
​Temperature data collected for 2016 shows it was the world’s warmest year
Green Motion Car Hire is exhibiting at the 2017 International Car Rental Show in Las Vegas

Best airports in the world

More than 14 million passengers were surveyed to determine the top airports around the world. Over 550 airports were included in the survey and were judged on 39 service and performance indicators, such as facility comfort and the language skills of the service staff.

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Best Countries for Green Living

​The top 5 countries for Green Living have been announced by US News. Green Living being described as countries that offer a healthy body and environment. And the winner is...

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Vegetable Oil Bio-fuels to be phased out by 2020

The Environment Committee of the European Parliament today announced that they would be encouraging the European Commission to phase out vegetable oil bio-fuels by 2020. It is now understood that the use of vegetable oils is causing a rapid increase in deforestation and peatland drainage. It is hoped that current incentives to use these kinds of bio-fuels will be stopped.

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Malta's Azure Window has collapsed

​Malta's famous rock formation, Azure Window, has collapsed into the sea after a spate of heavy storms. Azure Window had appeared in many films and TV series, including Game of Thrones. Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, has said that the news is "heartbreaking".

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USA and China leading the way with Solar Power

The year 2016 saw the amount of solar power added soar to 50%, largely due to the sun rush seen in the USA and China. Whilst, the UK are still leading the way in Europe, despite a decrease in installations after the UK Government cut subsidies.

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San Diego Airport earns LEED Gold certification

San Diego Airport earns LEED Gold certification

​San Diego International Airport has been awarded Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification for its consolidated Rental Car Center from the U.S. Green Building Council . LEED certification is considered the industry standard in defining and measuring “green,” sustainable construction.

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