Going electric isn’t enough according to BMW's CEO, Harald Krueger

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Going electric isn’t enough according to BMW's CEO, Harald Krueger

BMW has been pushing for electric cars, however the company’s CEO, Harald Krueger, has said that going electric isn’t enough.

In an interview with Automotive News, Krueger stated that in addition to BMW’s electric i car line series, the iNext will also have self-driving abilities.

The German automobile maker has committed to releasing a fully electric car with self-driving abilities by 2021. By 2025, they are hoping for the iNext car to be completely autonomous.

BMW aren’t the only company going all-in on self-driving technologies, as it is believed that these technologies will offer solutions to congestion and accidents along with less cars on the road which will also help to slow down global warming.

Many automotive company’s are now putting focus into their electric vehicles also having a driverless element.

BMW will initially launch their self-driving cars in China in 2021 and will roll out the first EV version of its Mini car in 2019, followed closely by an EV version of its BMW X3 in 2020.

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