​The global deal to limit the employment of hydrofluorocarbons was announced on Saturday

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​The global deal to limit the employment of hydrofluorocarbons was announced on Saturday

The global deal to limit the employment of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) has been a colossal step forward in the battle against global climate change.

The agreement, which was announced Saturday morning after negotiations in Kigali, Rwanda, limits / reduces the use of HFCs which is the main contributor to greenhouse gases. 

The gradual process will begin in 2019 by more than 100 developed countries, including the US who are the world’s 2nd worst polluter. The world’s largest polluter, China, will commence taking action in 2024. Other countries, such as India and Pakistan, have pushed to start in 2028 citing that their economies need more time to grow.

HFCs were first introduced in the 1980’s as an alternative to ozone-depleting gases however they are now considered a threat to our climate. The use of HFCs has escalated within the last decade with growing countries, such as India and China, adopting the use of air conditioning in homes, offices and cars. Although air conditioning is the largest factor of HFC growth, the gases can also be found in insulating foams, inhalers, fire suppressants and data center cooling systems.

HFC gases are more potent and destructive to our climate than carbon dioxide; scientists have stated that their growth is threatening to undermine the Paris Accord, an agreement promising to lower CO2 emissions, which was signed by 195 countries last year.

Environmental groups originally had hoped that the deal could reduce global warming by ½ a degree (Celsius) by the end of this century however currently the deal only gets us about 90% of the way there as compromises had to be made.

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