Transatlantic flying has seen a reduction during the 3rd quarter of this year

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Transatlantic flying has seen a reduction during the 3rd quarter of this year

Transatlantic flying, linking tourist destinations and financial centres from Europe to the US (and vice versa), has become one of the most profitable sectors for the world’s airline market.

Although, recently travel across the Atlantic is starting to slip which obviously is having a major affect on those airlines that make their profits from this market.

On Thursday, American Airlines reported that, year-on-year, revenue for Transatlantic flying is down around 11.2% during the 3rd quarter of 2016.

In addition, the airline’s passenger numbers also fell 3.9% during its most up-to-date quarter.

Some areas – such as Latin America – have evidenced an increase in terms of their flights to and from the US however flying to Europe, which is the main portion of American Airline’s global strategy, is decreasing.

Reasons for the decrease have been cited as competition from other low-cost airlines, currency fluctuation caused by Brexit and a general reduction in demand after European terrorist attacks.

On Tuesday, United Airlines likewise reported a drop in their Transatlantic business. 

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