Uber encourages drivers to go electric

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Uber encourages drivers to go electric

Uber is launching a new pilot in the US to encourage its drivers to use electric vehicles.

The pilot builds on trials in Pittsburgh and Portland and has expanded to Austin, Los Angeles, Montreal, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle.

As Uber drivers are required to use their own vehicles, they would be required to make the switch to electric themselves. Uber is therefore supporting them with information and incentives.

An Uber EV Champion would have access to up to date information on all the subsidies and incentives in their areas and in select cities, Uber will provide direct monetary incentives for driving an electric vehicle.

They would also benefit from in-app features built for EV drivers including a 30 minute trip notification for drivers so they’ve got an idea of what’s in store on the road ahead before they pick up a rider, minimising any worry they might have about whether their vehicle might run out of charge before making it to a suitable EV charging station.

Uber has also joined Veloz – a non-profit collaboration of public and private organisations dedicated to addressing the needs for EV adoption and the unique needs of rideshare drivers with EVs in California.

In Quebec, EV drivers who use the Uber app will be offered a free AVEQ membership, which includes opportunities for reduced insurance premium alongside the chance to share their views and advocate for policies that best serve their needs.

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